Best of 2019: Awarding Favorite Photos Taken in 2019 |

Best of 2019: Awarding Favorite Photos Taken in 2019

December 26, 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, I want to be sure to take a moment and reflect back on this amazing year!  I’ve decided to have some fun and do a Best of Awards for the year. I went through all of the weddings, engagements & bridal portraits to select my absolute favorites! I photographed over 150,000 images in 2019 and out of the 150,000 I have selected around 20 images that I’d like to highlight. There are so many other beautiful photographs taken this year that I won’t have the time to highlight because there’s just only so much time in a day! With that said though I do want to take a moment to have some fun and highlight a few! Let’s do this! 😉

Gus received an axe that was hand carved to match the tattoo on his arm.  I saw many epic groomsmen gifts, but this one certainly rose to the top for 2019.

What do you do if you’re a groom and you seriously do not like to dance (especially in front of people), but you married someone who you know it would mean the world to?  I’d encourage you to take notes from what Jamie did for his bride and give the first dance everything you’ve got… Who knows? You may actually find yourself enjoying it!

Take the road less traveled.  This became a reoccurring theme for me this year as I tried to think more outside of the box.  Debordieu Colony provides amazing backdrops.  We decided to take a trail walk and then go off the path to capture this unique photograph.

I photographed over 50 weddings this year and this award was a battle for me because I had so many different ring shots to choose from.  However, this image rose to the top as I began to narrow my selection.  I love the simplicity that Lauren’s bouquet provided for the placement of their rings.

Alexis’s bridal portrait session was filled with great images to choose from.  It was a hot summer day, but she made the absolute best of it.  Her mom came to the shoot with a portable fan constantly on her face to keep Alexis’s makeup looking perfect.  It was an all hands on deck shoot that turned out amazing!

If I had an award for best groomsmen vow, Dylan would win it as well.  He hit it out of the park and the vow had a surprise that Devon never saw coming.  Dylan hired a dog walker to surprise his bride with their dog to walk down the aisle at the exact moment that he was talking about the emotional attachment that they had towards her.  It certainly deserves the Surprise of the year award!

Drone photography has been a new avenue that I have been exploring this year. This image out at Folly Beach is easily one of my favorites. There’s nothing quite like a couple holding hands walking on the beach as the sun sets from 300 feet in the air!

You cannot control the weather on your wedding day. As a rain storm came to an end I thought it would be a really cute idea to take this photo. I set one of my strobe lights behind the couple and had it light up their shadows on the umbrella. The sunbeams pushing through the rain clouds at the top of the photo are an added bonus as well!

This is a photo of a coach at OrangeTheory Fitness teaching his last class before he moved out of the Country. As a photographer I try to always be ready for a great moment – yes even at the gym. …I am that guy haha! I ran to my locker to grab my camera in time to capture this photo of the class loving on him and saying their last goodbyes.

Over the years I have seen many versions to “something old, something new – something borrowed, something blue”. When it comes to something old Marlie wins the award. She was adopted at a young age. When she was put on a ship to come to America she was able to bring one thing with her and Marlie brought a blanket. So when it came time for her to find something old to wear on her wedding day she chose the sweetest thing imaginable by sewing a part of her blanket to her dress!

If you’re a bride who wants to be different and to make your wedding stand out from the other weddings you’ve been a part of, go and rent a dinner cruise for your wedding!  During their reception we traveled around the Charleston Harbor and enjoyed an amazing dinner and sunset.

I absolutely love the genuine smile and excitement on Hannah’s face immediately after the ceremony!  Some of my favorite photos are images that make me smile the moment I see them and this is certainly one of my favorites for the year.

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. I love this natural feel of Lauren and Jeff staring into the ocean with the sun setting behind!

This right here is my recipe for an amazing portrait!  When you can combine a posed image with raw genuine emotion – it’s blends together it the most beautiful way!

The Rabbit Trail award goes to Stephanie for sure!  We were on our way to the next location for photos and she saw these turtles on the edge of the pond.  The next thing I noticed she was walking towards the water to try and touch them!  …What’s a photographer to do besides stay in the moment and follow her to the pond haha!?  She told me afterwards that she saw the turtles there the day before, but they all walked back into the water when she approached.  This image was not planned at all, but it’s such a sweet moment to enjoy!

This category was so difficult for me to narrow down and pick a winner because every shoot that I do has some aspect of embracing the people you are with!  However, this years award goes to Anna and James for this sweet behind the back embrace!

What we have here is the Attack of the Tie and the Attack of the Veil!  You’d think that I’d delete these photos and not give them to clients, but I find photos like these hilarious haha.  These two tied for my favorite this year.

One of my favorite poses to do for an engagement session is a piggy back ride.  It gives adults flashbacks to being a kid and can spark a couple to laugh and enjoy the moment.  Deanna and Jonathan did an amazing job this year!

When a Bride first comes down the aisle – I challenge you to look at the groom.  His reaction is usually priceless! Nolan’s reaction when Alice was walking towards him was extremely sweet. He grabbed his brother’s hand to hold him up because he was so taken back by her beauty.

This photo ranks near the top for photos taken this year that automatically make me smile when I see it.  Alexis and Hutson win the award for best exit photo in 2019!

Imagine what it’s like getting married on the windiest day of the year and your wedding is outdoors.  You’re upstairs at your venue having your hair and makeup done and you can hear vases at your outdoor reception tipping over from the wind and shattering.  What do you do?  You could begin to freak out and let your whole day go down in flames because the weather is horrible. However, Ali decided to make the best of the situation and despite the weather she kept an amazing attitude her entire wedding day.  I watched her go from almost having a meltdown to being one of the most relaxed brides that I photographed all year.  She is easily my comeback bride of the year!

This image is my 2019 Photograph of the Year!  There was a rain storm that was heading towards us and normally I’d play it safe and stay indoors, but I asked Olivia and Andrew if they’d run outside with me real quick to take a photo.  With no time to lose we made our way out onto the field to capture this breathtaking image!

Thank you to all of the amazing wedding, engagement and bridal portrait clients for 2019! It’s been an absolute honor to work with you all this year. If you won, be sure to check your mail soon for your award! 😉







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